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     RUBBER SPRINGS is an anti-heel subsidiary machine installed on a shock absorber of car, suitable for original or re-equip shock absorber.  The engineer successfully researched and developed the products through two years’ unceasing study with some chemical test of stress, spring, aging, acidity, UV rays.


     The function of this machine is to adjust the shock absorber and spring; keep the neutral of stroke, increase damper, Compression and spring. It will change the damper factor from the original shock absorber, increase the control stable, and take away the unusual sound from car iron plate after installing.


     It’ll no need to change the original suspension and shock absorber system when you installing the RUBBER SPRINGS, just install on the suspension and shock absorber system directly. This product has been insured ten million Product Liability, it will provide more insurance for consumer.

Does your car with the following statement?
  • The both sides of car body waver when moving
  • The chassis of car will touch the base and unusual voice when driving on rugged load.
  • The car will over heel will feel to out of control when turning a corner or driving on curve road.
  • With serious dropping when the car with fully loaded.
  • The damper of shock absorber became ageing after refitting.

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       No need to change the shock absorber system, will increase the damper factor, enhance anti-heel, take away the unusual voice and promote the car smooth when taking a corner. You will clear off the uncomfortable from driving.

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